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Service Fees

Assessment - $900

Initial Diagnostic Interview:

We begin with an initial psychological interview to determine your initial diagnosis.  This interview is also used to identify medical, familial, academic, occupational, and social issues that may play a role in your therapy.

Quantitative EEG (qEEG):

We use an initial 19 channel qEEG to aid in assessing anomalies that are consistent with your symptoms.  This qEEG identify areas that will become the focus of future training.  It is important to note that the qEEG is not used for diagnostic purposes.  If indicated, the qEEG may be reviewed by a physician to rule out medical concerns.  After editing and review. a report with a set of brain maps will be created.

Psychological Testing:

We use initial psychological testing and symptom checklists to create a baseline of your symptoms prior to being training.  These checklists are also used to inform practitioners when evaluating the qEEG.  Full psychological evaluations and more detailed psychological testing are not included in this price.

Additional qEEG's and Psychological Testing:

The initial fee of $900 covers any additional qEEG's, Psychological testing, and symptom checklists that may be ordered. The additional qEEG's, psychological tests, and symptom checklists include unusable qEEG's and tests, documentation of progress, and final outcome qEEG and tests.  


The above information is combined into a report overviewing the qEEG and psychological testing results.  It also gives an overview of the psychological and neurofeedback treatment plan.  The typical report is 20-40 pages long.

Therapy - $170 per session

Biofeedback and neurotherapy are learning experiences.  This means that the more frequently a person practices, the more they will learn.  Most of use learned by attending school on a daily basis.  Much of neurotherapy works the same.  When biofeedback is needed, we provide this on a weekly basis with daily practice occurring at home.  Although daily neurotherapy is helpful, most people opt for 2-3 sessions per week.  We then decrease frequency as symptoms abate.  Sessions last 45-50 minutes and include setup, approximately 20-30 minutes of practice and cleanup.  The standard in neurotherapy has been 40-60 sessions before completion.  However, we have found that many people achieve their goals much quicker.

Biofeedback - $170 per session

Our experience has been that in most cases, initial biofeedback can speed up the response to neurotherapy.  Most commonly, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training is used.


Neurostimulation - $170 per session

Neurostimulation (also known as neurotherapy) sessions may make use of electromagnetic, transcranial direct current, and/or transcranial alternating current.


We request that all payments be made at the time that services are provided.


Our experience has been that in California, insurance does not pay for biofeedback or neurotherapy. If you wish to negotiate with your insurance, we will provide you with documentation that insurances generally need to determine eligibility.  We request that all payment for services be made at the time of service regardless of the status of you insurance.

Sliding Scale:

We are able to provide lower fee services for a limited number of individuals.  Lower fee services are typically provided by a psychological assistant.  Lower fee eligibility is based on severity of financial need and availability of low fee openings.

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