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Peak Performance

Some individuals are seeking to optimized their performance in sports, academics, or occupation.  These individuals are doing well overall, but wish to add skills to current abilities.  A spectrum of interventions can be useful in improving performance.  Interventions can include improving focus, managing stress, or optimizing memory skills.

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Assessment for individuals seeking to maximize their performance abitilities is directed toward ensuring that no psychological disorder is present.  In addition, development of realistic goals and how they would be measured are also developed. A qEEG is conducted to ensure not anomalies may be present that would interfere with training and to seek areas that support personal growth.


Individuals seeking peak performance often benefit from a program designed to target the areas they wish to achieve.   Many benefit from psychological intervention including stress management, behavioral practices to improve memory and associated performance,  and maximizing healthy living.  Biofeedback and neurotherapy may be used to aid in self regulation to achieve peak states.


Once the planning stage is complete, biofeedback, neurofeedback and psychotherapy will commence.  Based on your goals, interventions will be developed to aid in the practice of new skills.  Often times, the use of Neurotherapy techniques are used in your settings doing such things as sports or presentations.  If off site training is involved, additional charges for travel will be incurred.

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