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Equipment and Software


We use Nexus EEG amplifiers for Neuro Practice.  These amplifiers are known for their attention to providing very high quality EEG (Electro-Encephlagram) with fast hardware that shields against environmental artifact.  The equipment can be connected to a computer by either fiberoptic or bluetooth.  This state of the art equipment also provides the capacity to provide biofeedback in the areas of heart rate, respiration, skin temperature, and galvanic skin responses.  Our systems are capable of providing 1-19 channels of EEG.  This enables broad abilities of variation for assessment, planning, and practice.

We also use a NeuroField EEG amplifier to collect qEEG, ERP (Evoked Response Potential), and for neurofeedback training.

Our neuro-stimulation equipment is manufactured by NeuroField as well.  It includes tDCS/tACS/tRNS (transcranial direct current/transcranial alternating current/transcranial random noise) units and a pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) unit.


We use NeuroGuide, NeuroField EEG, NeuroField ERP, iSyncBrain, WinEEG for the assessment of qEEG (Quantitative Electro-Encephlagram).  These programs are widely known for their role in evaluating qEEG for neurotherapy purposes.

Neuroguide is also used for training 19 channels LORETA Z-Scores.  This enables great precision for targeting areas for change and training many domains at once.  In addition, we use BioTrace software for training 1-4 channel Z-Scores.  BioTrace is also used to provide multiple forms of amplitude training such as Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR), a common component for those wanting to address problems such as attention or anxiety.

Neuro-stimulation is conducted using NeuroField 64 software.  The software is capable of programing tDCS/tACS/tRNS and pEMF.  It is also capable of providing neurofeedback, should the software be chosen for this purpose.

When biofeedback is needed, we use BioTrace software.  The software provides clear and quick feedback in an attractive format.  By attending to visual and auditory input, our clients experience the process as enjoyable and motivational.

In addition to the software based feedback systems mentioned above, we use Zukor Interactive as an add on to the above software.  Zukor provides fun and interactive feedback including movies, music, and video games.

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